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February 28, 2008

Zoo sex story - Jetson Goes for the Goods

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"Can Mary stay over tonight, dad?" my daughter, Lacy had asked me and of course I had said yes. I might have
said no if she had asked for another of her friends but not with Mary. No, Mary was my lover. Well, in my day
dreams. There was many a time when I had made love to my wife and the beautiful face of Lacy’s friend Mary
had been staring up at me, teasing me with those beautiful brown eyes of hers. Mary, who was the cause of my
many jack-off sessions in the shower. Oh God, Mary. Soon she would be gone and I would no longer be able to
stare at her body or hear her laughter. Her and my daughter were both 18 and were leaving to college after
summer was over. God, how I wanted her to stay. The girl who had been my fantasy for so long, as long as the
girls had been friends. How I wanted Mary so bad.

That night as I lay in bed I silently jerked off my hot and heavy dick.

My wife lay sleeping next to me but it wasn’t her I dreamed about. No, it was the beautiful brown-haired girl
sleeping two rooms down the hall that I was dreaming about. Her, so snug in her panties and shirt. Sleeping
peacefully in a warm sleeping bag. I had seen her a few hours before when the girls had come down to get some
snacks. I had been in the living room and she had seen me. She had turned and smiled and waved and run back
up to my daughter’s room. I wanted her so bad. With that image, I grunted and pumped my cum onto my waiting
hand. I was still aroused. I needed more so slowly I got up from my bed, careful not to wake my wife and I
crouched down.

My hand searched for something under the bed and when I found it I pulled it out. There it was. A videotape. A
videotape filled with girls getting fucked by dogs. It was my other fantasy. I smiled to myself in the dark
imagining Mary getting fucked hard by some huge dog. I felt my dick start to get hard again. Slowly I stood up
and made my way around the bed towards the door. Jetson, our big, black lab followed me silently to where I
was going. I eased the door open and slipped out into the hall. I made my way downstairs and into the den
where I took the videotape and slid it into the VCR. I had seen it a thousand times over but it never failed to get
me off. I had ordered it from the ads that I had seen in a porn magazine. I had waited for days and days,
anxious to get home to receive it before either my daughter or my wife could see what I had bought. When it
finally came I spent the entire night jerking off to it. It was so hot.

I took a seat in the loveseat and hit "Play." I watched for over an hour, getting more and more aroused. Thinking
about that hot piece of ass upstairs geting fucked by a dog was too much and I blew a second load onto my
hand. I looked over and saw Jetson curled up by my coffee table.

"You’d like her, wouldn’t you, boy?" I asked the sleeping dog. He raised his big head and slowly got up and
padded over to my feet. I reached over and whipped my hands off on a Kleenex. Then I reached down and
petted the big, black head.

"Yeah, I know you’d fuck that pussy in a second wouldn’t ya, Jetson?" I said, scratching behind his ears. He
looked up at me and then looked obediently ahead.

I had tried to teach him. I had tried to teach him to want to fuck girls. I would get in front of him and maneuver
him so that he would try and fuck me but he didn’t. I had to use my body cause I couldn’t naturally have my
daughter try or my wife. But he never wanted to. He’d just look at me and go to his water dish or something and
I’d just shake my head. So I had given up.

"God, I wish you knew what I was saying. Then it would be easy. I’d tell you, ‘I want you to try and fuck Mary in
front of me’ and you’d understand and you’d go and do it huh?" I asked him. He silently stared ahead.

"Oh shit. It’s no use," I conceded and got up to go back up-stairs for some troubled dreams.

The next morning I was downstairs in the den, reading the morning paper when the girls came downstairs.

"Good morning dad," Lacy said to me as she made her way to the kitchen to eat breakfast.

"Good morning sweetheart," I replied, not looking up from my newspaper.

"Good morning Mr. Ryerson," Mary’s voice floated to my ears.

I looked up and there she was smiling at me. I instantly smiled back and softly said, "Good morning Mary." She
smiled at me for a few more seconds and then followed my daughter into the kitchen. I was instantly erect.
Fuck, I wanted her but I knew that I couldn’t have her and so it drove me crazy.

I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. Both girls were eating hungrily at there bacon and eggs. My
wife was busy washing the pans that she had used.

"So…what’s the plan for today everyone?" I asked, trying not to stare too directly at Mary.

"Well, I’ve got to go to work today. Mark wants me in since we’re getting some new people and he wants me to
train one. I’ll only be there awhile," my daughter explained around a mouthful of eggs.

"Mark?" I asked.

"Dad, you know, Mark. My boss? At the movie theatre? Didn’t wake up yet dad?" she said sarcastically. Mary was
laughing and so was my wife.

"Oh yeah. I forgot. What are you going to do today Mary?" I asked the goddess sitting across from me. Before
she could respond, my daughter answered for her.

"She’s going to just hang out here for awhile till I come back then we’re going to go hiking," she explained. When
she said that I started to get weak in the knees. Mary. My Mary was going to be staying here for a few hours
with just me?! Oh my God! I looked to my wife.

"What are you going to do today, Beth?" I asked in a whisper.

She looked at me with a puzzled eye. "Um, dear, it’s Saturday. I always work on Saturdays. You better go back
to bed. I don’t think you’re quite awake," she answered, laughing. The two girls laughed with her. Oh but I was
wide awake. Thrown for a loop yes, but wide awake. I would have a few hours here alone with Mary. God, I
needed to think. Could I just come out and try to do something with her? Would she let me? Would she tell my
wife, my daughter? I looked over at Jetson, laying by my chair in the den.

Would she let Jetson have her? God, what was I going to do? I looked at her and she smiled at me then went
back to eating her eggs. I stood up from the table and started to walk to the den.

"Aren’t you going to have any breakfast?" my wife asked me.

"No, I think I’ll just finish the paper," I replied. I walked back into the den and sat down. I picked up the paper
but I couldn’t read it. My mind was going ten thousand miles per hour as I tried to figure out what to do. I looked
down at Jetson.

"Remember when I tried to train you, boy? Well, see that girl over there? I want you to fuck her for me, ok?
Please boy," I whispered to him. He just closed his eyes and tried to sleep. I saw my chance fading away.

About a half an hour later it was just me, Jetson and Mary. Jetson and I were in the same position we had been
in since breakfast. Sitting in my den, doing nothing. Mary was upstairs in my daughter’s room. I thought and
thought. Should I just go up there and try to get it on with her? What should I do? I slowly stood up and walked
around the corner to my stairs.

I walked upstairs and made my way to my daughter’s room. The door was barely open and so I slowly pushed it
in a little. There was Mary. She was laying on her stomach with her legs in the air. She was going through some
pictures. She didn’t see me. I slowly closed the door again. God, she looked so sweet in those shorts and shirt. I
leaned against the hall wall and thought about it and then an idea hit me. I had noticed my daughter’s closet by
her bed when I was spying on Mary. Maybe, if by some miracle, when she goes downstairs to get a drink or
something I could be waiting and let Jetson in and then hide in my daughter’s closet and watch from there.

Maybe when Jetson was in there alone with Mary he would get the hint and try something. I could only hope. I
walked briskly back downstairs and went into the den. I went over to Jetson and dragged him off the ground.

"Come on boy. You’ve got some work to do," I said as I walked around the corner and made my way up the
stairs. Jetson was following lazily behind me. I stationed myself in my room and watched with growing
anticipation for her to leave the room. Jetson looked at me with a, "What the hell are we doing?" expression. This
was such a stretch but what else could I do? I waited and waited and when she finally opened the door my
heart almost stopped. Here was my chance. I waited till she had gone downstairs and then I acted.

"Come on Jetson," I said, taking his collar and dragging him into the room. I let go of his collar when he was in
the middle of my daughter’s room. I walked over to her closet and opened it. Stepping inside, I undid my pants in
case the unbelievable happened and I’d get to jerk-off. I left the door open slightly, enough so that I could see
what was happening in the room.

"Ok Jetson. Do your stuff," I said from the opening of the closet. I was almost pleading with him. He looked at me
with a blank expression on his hairy face. I realized how ridiculous I was being in there. Mary would probably
come in, go to the closet, see me with my dick hanging out and call the police. There was no time to leave now
though cause I heard her footsteps coming back to my daughter’s room.

I watched her walk in and she stopped when she saw Jetson.

"Hey boy. What are you doing in here?" she said to the dog. She walked over and started to pet him. He feel
over lazily on his side. My heart sank. God, that lazy bastard was never going to fuck her. She continued to pet
him and stroke his ears and belly. With a laugh, she got up and walked over to my daughter’s desk. She set
down the Pepsi and raised her legs up and set them on the desk. She opened my daughter’s drawer and
rummaged around inside. She finally found what she was looking for and raised it up. I could see that it was a
bottle of green nail polish. She shook it up and then grabbed her right foot and started to paint her toenails.

I felt like a complete asshole. Nothing was going to happen and I was a complete idiot for thinking that
something would. Then, the unimaginable happened.

I was silently berating myself when Jetson got up slowly and padded over to Mary. She was not paying attention
to him, working on her nails. I looked and held my breath. Jetson looked at her and then pushed his head forward
at her crotch which was exposed due to her leg pulled inside towards her. He began to move his nose up and
down her crotch. She stopped what she was doing and looked down at the dog. I started to jerk myself off.

"What are you doing Jetson? Go away," she said, pushing his head away from her private area. He looked at her
with his dark eyes and pushed his head back against her crotch again and began to rub his nose against her
pussy again.

"Jetson. Go away. Jeez, are you horny or something? Isn’t there a girl dog you’re seeing?" she said, laughing and
pushing his head away again. He started to whine.

"What? What do you want? I don’t have any food for you. Go see Mr. Ryerson. He’ll feed you." she explained to
the dog, patting his head. I was jerking off hard, dreaming of this moment.

Jetson kept whining and so she stood up and walked to the door.

"I’ll find Mr. Ryerson for you so he can feed you. If I mess up my nails looking for him I’m going to beat you dog,"
she explained, walking out the door. Jetson stayed in the room. After what seemed like forever she finally came

"Well sorry Jetson but I can’t find Mr. Ryerson so you’re just shit out of luck, aren’t ya?" she said, walking back
to the desk to resume her nail painting. Jetson half way jumped up and started to rub against her bare legs when
she was walking by.

"Jesus Christ, Jetson. Go screw a chair or something. Better yet, go….." she was about to say but then her eyes
fell onto Jetson’s dick that was sticking out of it’s sheath. She stared at it’s red length and slowly sat down.

"Fuck Jetson, you really are horny aren’t you? You’re bigger then my boyfriend," she said with a whisper.

By this time I was jerking off hard. The situation combined with her body combined with her swear words were
driving me crazy. "Go Jetson," I silently mouthed.

Jetson walked over to Mary and using his head, he nudged her knees apart and stuck his snout against her
crotch again. He began to move his nose against her pussy again. She pushed him away again.

"I’m not going to get rid of you am I? What? You want to fuck me, Jetson? Hmm. I don’t know, that’s pretty
kinky," she explained to him. Then she shook her head and stood up. She looked out the window and then closed
the blinds. She then walked over to the door and Jetson started to follow.

"No. You stay here. I’m going to go search around the house and see if I can find Mr. Ryerson. I don’t want him
walking in here and seeing your snout in my twat," she said, leaving the room and shutting the door. Right then I
blew my wad onto my hand. I couldn’t hold it anymore. Just knowing that in a few seconds my dream was going
to come true was too much. I silently cursed myself cause I wanted to be jerking off when Jetson was with her.
I stroked my softening cock, trying to get it erect again. I waited and waited and soon Mary walked back into
the room.

"Well boy Mr. Ryerson has disappeared. His car is still here but he’s not in the house at all. I don’t know where he
is," she said, walking back towards the desk. Jetson padded over to her.

"God, Lacy would kill me if she knew what I was doing in her room. I can’t believe I’m doing this at all anyway. Do
you get practice boy? Do you fuck Lacy and her mom?" Mary asked, looking down at the dog. Jetson just looked
up at her.

"Oh well, here we go." With that she hooked her thumbs into the sides of her shorts and pulled them down along
with her blue panties. My heart stopped. Her pussy was so nice. Her pubic hair was shaved close. I almost fell
out of the closet, wanting her so bad.

"Well look at that, Jetson. You made me a little wet with all that nose humping. Do you eat pussy? My boyfriend
won’t. You will though, right?" she said to him, laughing. With that she sat down in the chair and raised her legs
up, holding them aloft with her hands under her knees. Her pussy was pink and I could see, was glistening.

"Well get over here you hairy son-of-a-bitch and eat my twat," she laughed. Jetson stood still for a moment and
then walked over slowly. He smelled her pussy for a second and then started to rub his wet nose against her
lips. A soft moan escaped her lips and I pumped at my dick fervently.

Soon though, Jetson was done with the nose humping and his long, pink tongue reached out and began to lick
hungrily at Mary’s sweet pussy. Mary tilted her head back and started to moan louder.

"Hmmm. That feels good Jetson. Hmm, keep going boy. God, that feels good," she said, bobbing her head back
and forth. Jetson keep licking at her pussy which had started to glisten even more.

"Oh fuck Jetson. That feels so good. Oh shit, I think I’m going to cum boy. Hmmm, yeah. Keep licking it. Yeah,
keep licking it," she panted the words out. I could hear her hold her breath and then she let out a gasp and I
saw a small amount of pussy juice run out of her pussy and down to her asshole. Jetson licked at the juice by
her ass and she laughed.

"Oh great. Now you want my ass too? I can’t believe that a fucking dog just made me cum," she giggled to
herself or so she thought. Then she lowered her legs and scooted back up onto the chair. Jetson started to
whine and so did I.

"What? I just let you eat my pussy to orgasm and now what do you want?" she asked him. Then her eyes fell on
his dick which was almost fully exposed.

"Oh I see. You need some relief too huh? Damn, you do, don’t you. Hmm.

Well you better thank me dog," she stated to Jetson and with that she crawled onto the floor and reached under
his belly. She took hold of his stiff member and began to slowly jerk him off. I envied Jetson at that moment.

"God, it’s hot boy. It feels weird but it’s nice. I bet all the girl dogs love you huh?" she said to him, while still
beating him off. He let her do that for a few minutes and then he slightly turned and began to paw at her back,
trying to lift himself on top of her. She giggled.

"Oh great, now you want to fuck me? I don’t know boy. You’re pretty big. A lot bigger than my boyfriend. I don’t
think I could take you," she explained to him. I pleaded silently, "No, you can baby. Please let him take you."
Jetson still struggled to climb on top of her.

"Persistent, aren’t we? Well, maybe just this once. After all, you did do a number on my pussy and I guess I
should give you a reward. Just a second then," she laughed and stood up. She lifted the shirt over her head and
then reached behind her back and undid her bra. She tossed the material away. Her tits were everything that I
had dreamed about in bed and in the shower. Jetson was pawing at her leg, trying to jump against her.

"Hang on a sec, for God’s sake. Now where should we do this? I don’t thiink we should use Lacy’s bed. I don’t
think she’ll like spunk all over it. I guess we’ll just use the floor. Is that ok with you?" she asked.

Jetson just jumped against her leg. "Yeah, it’s ok with you. You just want some pussy huh? Ok, fine," and with
that she crouched down onto the floor and got up onto all fours, facing away from me. I had a perfect shot of
her pussy and asshole. She spread her legs and looked back at the dog.

"Ok champ. Do your stuff," she said, swishing her hips back and forth.

Jetson needed no instruction and immediately hopped up and put his front paws on her back. He prodded at her
and tried to maneuver himself to get onto her body so he could do his thing. Soon he had he front paws firmly
latched onto the sides of her waist. His back legs struggled to get into position and she was giggling.

"Having some problems, boy?" she laughed. I saw that his dick was firmly out and that the knot at it’s base had
enlarged but was not full. I wondered if she could take it. I kept jerking off. After a few more seconds of
adjusting himself he finally pushed forward and the tip of his dick began to push aside her pussy lips and enter
into her. She raised her head and looked forward and I heard her groan. Jetson kept pushing and soon the knot
reached her entrance. Jetson pushed and Mary arched her small back up and soon the knot had disappeared.
She was panting.

"Oh fuck Jetson. That hurts but it does feel good," Mary groaned through clenched teeth. She lowered her head
and looked under her body. I saw into her eyes. She grabbed onto her right tit and began to pull at the nipple.

Jetson had started to fuck her. She was moaning and panting and the dog continued to move his large dick in
and out of her pink pussy. I watched, fascinated. There was my dog on my daughter’s girlfriend, fucking her
pussy for all he was worth. His back legs struggled to keep up with his frantic thrusts. She looked very tiny
under his big, black frame.

"Yeah, Jetson. Fuck it. Fuck my pussy. Oooh, it feels good," Mary moaned through her teeth. I had never been
so turned on in all my life.

Jetson’s front body crouched more and more on top of her, wanting to take her completely. His frantic thrusts
made him loose control and his long dick slipped out of her wet pussy due to the fact that his knot was not fully
enlarged yet. When it fell out I could see several long strands of her juice come away on his dick. I could also
see some of her juice gently gliding down the inside of her thigh. Jetson immediatley tried to move his dick back
into her warm crevice but his aim was off and the head began to slip into her tight, brown asshole.

"No way, boy. There is no way I’d be able to fit you in there. You’d rip me apart," she said to the dog. She
reached under her body and grabbed his slippery dick and guided it back to her pussy. The knot was still not fully
enlarged but it was getting there. When she finally had him at the right spot he pushed back into her. She let
her hand drop and pulled it back from under her. She resumed her position except now she was lounging on her

"Hmm, that’s better Jetson. Keep going boy. Keep fucking my pussy," she said contentedly as if she let dogs fuck
her everyday. Jetson got back into position and mounted her more firmly this time. His dick started to piston in
and out of her pussy.

"Hmm, yeah boy. Keep going. That pussy’s all yours," she said. Jetson pumped and pumped and I could see her
juices squeeze past his knot which was now fully enlarged.

"Yeah, there you go. That’s knot’s nice and big huh? Fills up my pussy," she giggled. Jetson was fully mounted on
her small frame now. He thrust harder and harder. She was moaning and calling for him to do it harder and faster
as if he could understand her. Then he tensed up and started to whimper. She looked over her shoulder at him.

"You gonna cum boy? Go ahead. Fill my pussy up," she said and with that I saw him jerk and whimper more.

"Yeah Jetson. Fill me up with your hot cum. Fill me up. Hmm, yeah. Oh God, it feels so hot," she moaned. Jetson
spasmed for a good minute and then finally stopped moving. He was still on top of her and after a few more
seconds I could see his knot begin to compress. When it did, it released a torrent of his thick cum and her juices
that had accumulated inside of her body. The thick, white mass cascaded down her thighs and ended up in two
pools at her knees. Jetson pushed himself off of her body and laid down. He began to lick at his dick which was
softening and returning to it’s sheath. Mary flipped herself over and looked down at her pussy and the mess on
the floor. She reached down and took a glob of the stuff from her pussy and placed it into her mouth.

"There. Now I can say I’ve eaten doggie cum," she said, smiling. Jetson kept licking his dick. "Oh jeez, look at the
mess we’ve made. I better clean it up." But I didn’t care what kind of mess she made. I would gladly spend
thousands of dollars on steam cleaning products for the dream that I had just seen. My jerking off took up a
frenzied pace, the site of my dog’s cum dripping out of her sweet pussy. I closed my eyes and clenched my
teeth, trying not to make a sound even though I wanted to scream my pleasure. I shot my last load and it flew
clear out of my dick and the hit the door of my daughter’s closet. I fell back, exhausted and watched some
more. Mary had gotten up and must have gone to the bathroom cause she brought in a roll of toilet paper. She
crouched onto the floor and soaked up the two puddles of cum. She got most of it cleaned up.

"Well, there will be two hard stains there but I don’t think Lacy will notice," she said to the dog. Just then she
noticed herself and laughed.

"I better get cleaned up! I wouldn’t want your masters to get home and see me with your cum dribbling out of
my cunt," she said. She walked out of the room. In a few minutes she had returned and her pussy and legs were

She walked over to where her clothes were and got dressed. She sat down next to the dog and started to
scratch his head.

"Well boy. That certainly was great. I still have some of your cum in my pussy so I’ll be able to feel you for
awhile. You ever going to fuck me again? I hope so. I guess I’m your bitch now," she said, laughing. Jetson just
continued to lick at his dick.

"Leave it alone. It’s already had enough exercise for today," she said, smiling. I waited for a long time for my
daughter to finally arrive home.

Luckily her or Mary didn’t go to the closet. They left to go on their hiking trip. When they were gone I painfully
got up and stepped out of the closet. My dick was sore and my legs felt like they were going to fall off but I
didn’t care. I had seen a miracle and I was going to be beating off to it for a long time to come.(no pun
intended) I walked over to the two stains on the floor and bent down. I inhaled the fragrance. This was certainly
a fantasy come true. Only next time I would remember to bring a camcorder.

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