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May 15, 2008

Animal sex story - Elephant Love

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Kara was in her senior year at the University of San Diego. An auburn haired beauty, her compact five foot two
frame was hardened by daily aerobic workouts. She was a 4.0 student, working on her degree in zoology. She
had been working evenings at the San Diego zoo for the last two year, and helped take care of the animals
there for the experience, as well as, the extra money.

She had lots of duties, with lots of different animals. Feeding, watering, and cleaning cages. She did it all. She
even assisted the staff veterians in treating the animals when they needed it. She was well liked and respected
around the zoo.

Kara especially loved the elephants. The gentle giants fascinated her. Her appartment was decorated with
numerous framed elephant pictures and statues.

She often stayed late into the night watching them interact. The zoo had several adult females, several
adolescences of both genders, and one large bull male. Their habitat was a large fenced area toward the back
of the zoo. It contained lots of trees, and a small man-made lake. The elephants always made it down to the
lake in the evening, and spent a good part of the early evening bathing and playing in the water.

Kara would sit in her favorite spot, a large root overhanging the water, and watch them.

The day had been stifling hot, and Kara was extremely dirty from cleaning out some spider monkey cages. It
was very late in the evening. The zoo was closed, and most of the staff was gone home for the day. The
habitat lights didn’t reach this far in, and the lake was most in shadow.

So she decided to take a bath right there in the elephant’s lake. She had done so several times before, but
never with the elephants so close. Although she wasn’t frightened at all, because they knew her and trusted

She stepped down to the waters edge, and removed her boots and socks, and her heavy work pants. Than she
stepped into the water. The water felt good on her feet and calves so she she removed the rest of her
clothing. Shirt, panties, and bra. Her firm breast and ass felt better already, freed from her constictive hot

The elephants were very close. Maybe twenty-five feet away in a big group. She walked out deeper in the
water, which was only waiste deep at it’s deepest point.

Kara dove under the water, coming up closer to the elephants. She walked closer to where they stood. She
patted the back and truck of Tiffy. The youngest and smallest of the herd. A year old female. She gave out a
small trumpet of recognition.

Tantor, the bull male, was close behind a young female, Sara. Kara noticed for the first time that Tantor had an
erection! It was roughly five feet long, and as thick as a man’s leg. Sara must have been in season, because
Tantor was mounting her, and attempting to put his penis in her. He wasn’t being too successful so Kara
carefully got closer. She got underneath, and pushed up on his penis until it pinteed at Sara’s vagina. As
Tantor rammed it home, Kara got clear. He started to slowly punp the smaller Sara.

Kara just stood back, and watched. She was a little startled when Barbar, a eight year old male, gently
touched her shoulder with his trunk. She turned to face him, and petted his trunk, and ears. He continued to
touch her face and neck with his trunk, which felt alot like the slightly rough hand of a man.

Babar was half again Kara’s height, and his ears were in easy reach. Kara continued to rub his ears. He must
have liked the feeling, because he didn’t move away. He continued touching her with his trunk. He rubbed her
shoulders, and biceps. Than he moved down her front. Kara sucked in sharply whe the tip of his trunk, and
flexible as any hand, felt her breast and nipples. He moved down her belly to her thighs. Kara took a wider
stance to allow Babar easier access in his search. His truck found the now moist area between her thighs, and
she shuttered as the tip of his trunk explored the folders and groves of her womanhood.

Babar bagan to feel at her thighs and hips again, so Kara turned around to let him finish his exploration of her.
His trunk worked over her back, and down to her ass. Where again his trunk sent shivers up and down Kara’s

Kara turned to face Babar again, and noticed that he had become aroused. She felt sorry for him. She knew
Tantor wouldn’t allow him to mate with any of the females. So Kara decided to see if she could help him.

While smaller than Tantors’, Babar’s penis was huge. Around four feet long and eight inches thick. Kara got
under him. Careful not to scare him. He didn’t move. She reached up and slowly grabbed his penis with both
hands. It reached almost to the water. She began running her hands up and down it’s length, en licking the
huge head. Than she straddled it. Of course it was far to big to fit in her, but she could squeeze it beween her
legs, and slide up and down it’s length, using her hands too.

It was very slick and bumpy, and felt great against her clit, and anus. Before long Babar began to rock back
and forth gently, and breath heavier. So fast it surprised her, Babar came. Shooting a huge load straight out
into the lake.

Kara climbed out from under Babar who reached out and caressed her cheek with his trunk, and ran his trunk
over her breast and ass once.

Kara washed off, and got redressed. She knew that she would now enjoy studying the elephants more than
ever, and love them now more than before.

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