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May 31, 2006

Zoo sex story - Molly’s Slavery

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Molly nuzzled on Marcus’ cock, licking and sucking the soiled organ until it was completely clean. The taste of her ass mixed with his cum was pungent, but it made her cunt boil all the same. She moaned softly as she worked, the huge dildo still ever-present inside her. She could keep this man’s cock in her mouth all day long, she thought.

Of course, it would help if there was another one to fuck her while she had cock in her mouth. That was the absolute hottest feeling, being used from both ends at the same time. It made her feel soooo sluttish. Damn, she thought, she was a slut, right to the core… and she was loving it! Marcus ignored her the best he could. It was part of the whole gimmick, to make her feel the part of a toy, an object, worthy of no more attention than the coffee table, but Oh how he wanted to watch her with her mouth around his cock!

He snuck glances at her whenever he could, and the sight of her made his cock leap each time. She was so hungry for his cock, no matter what was on it, no matter where it had just fucked her, that he started to wonder if he had ever in his life had a slave so cock-starved. He took a quick glance at Josh. The guy was slouched in his chair as if in some kind of trance. It looked like he had just run the Boston Marathon! He wasn’t going to be of any help at all with this little slut for the rest of the night. Marcus groaned. There was so much more he would love to do to her; so much he wouldn’t have time to do. When he had agreed to this he had thought the woman would probably bail out long before he’d get to do half of his favorite things. Now, he was wishing he could take her back to his dungeon for a week or two and even then he’d still have things left to do! Molly sucked hard on his cock, bringing him back to the present. He looked at her head, bobbing up and down slowly as she still pretended to clean him. He knew she was just prolonging the task, glad to have his cock in her mouth, and he didn’t mind being there one bit. He took a deep breath. She’d taken more out of him than he thought she would. He began to look around for things he could use to further his fun and buy him the time he needed to re-gain his strength. Marcus scanned the room slowly, taking in everything; analyzing their possible usefullness. His eyes traveled past the doorway on the far side of the room. That must be the kitchen. He reminded himself to check in there later to see what useful objects he might find. After the doorway there was an entertainment center. He grinned at the thought of making a video of her being his slave, how delightful it would be to watch later. His mind wandered to the possibility of having a private screening of the tape, just himself and a few close friends… say 10-15 of them…. and Molly forced to sit naked in the midst of them while they all watched her on screen. The thought really aroused him, until he reminded himself that he only owned her for another few hours, after that he would never see her again. He sighed and moved his gaze back the way it had come. It was the second glance through the kitchen doorway that made him narrow his eyes and take a closer look. The room was dark, and it was late in the night, but the lamp from the livingroom was casting a narrow beam into the next room. He was sure he saw something familiar on the floor. “Tell me Buddy,” He said to Josh, still squinting into the kitchen. “You got a dog around here?” “Ya, sure.” Josh said, half asleep. “Blake. He’s a purebred black Lab. Why do you ask?” Marcus smiled and shifted his hips, giving Molly better access to his cock. “Where is he?” he asked. “He’s in the bedroom. He sleeps there, so I closed the door so he wouldn’t get in our way.” “Is he fixed or are you planning to breed him?” “Oh he’s a breeding dog for sure. We hire him out once in a while for stud services.” Josh chuckled. “Go get him.” Marcus said, more sternly now. Josh sat up a little bit. “Blake? What do you want him for?” He asked the question, but almost as soon as it was out he knew exactly what the dog was wanted for. He looked down at his wife’s greedy mouth still sucking Marcus’ massive rod, then up at the look on the man’s face. “Oh!” Josh said, a little embarrassed, and all of a sudden a LOT aroused. Clearing his throat, he got up and left the room. In no time Marcus heard the click click of a dog’s feet on the floor as Blake trotted in. The smell of Molly’s cumsoaked twat drew him in and right away he started sniffing around between her legs like a hound dog sniffing out a rabbit. It wasn’t long before the dog was licking all around the protruding dildo, and Molly let out a moan as the dog’s nose butted up against it, making it move inside her. “Lift your ass up, bitch. Let Blake get a good lick at your clit.” Carefully Molly slid her knees up underneath herself, getting her balance, and lifting her hips in the air. Blake was eager, and nuzzled his nose underneath her now, his rough tongue lapping over her clit. Molly moaned louder. She took her mouth off the cock for a moment to look back at her dog as he lapped at her cumsoaked cunt. “I didn’t tell you to take my cock out of your mouth, slut!” Marcus said angrily, gripping both her nipples and giving them a painful twisting jerk. Quickly she stuffed the organ back in and started sucking again. He reached over her next and wiggled the dildo in her pussy. Slowly he toyed with it, pulling it out a bit at a time so more of her cunt juices dripped out of her snatch to entice Blake. She moaned again as it slid, then popped out in his hand. It had been so big inside her that it had felt like a suction as it had pulled out, and now her empty snatch felt like a gaping hole. Blake took care of that pretty quick though. His tongue lapped over her hole where the dildo no longer restricted him, and his nose started pushing inside, his tongue trying to get into her to lap at her juices. Soon Molly’s hips were wiggling and she couldn’t stop moaning. If Blake kept up like this she just knew she was going to cum. Marcus could see that Blake was having one hell of a time. His cock had started to push out, and now he had a raging animal hard-on, and was whimpering as he licked at the hot wet snatch. Marcus gripped her hair tight, twisted it enough to make her yelp, and pulled her head up so her eyes could see him but her mouth was still on his cock. “You’re a bitch, aren’t you?” he demanded of her, and she nodded quickly. “A hot, cock-craving bitch!” Again she nodded, wincing at the tight grip on her hair. “You’d fuck anything wouldn’t you, bitch?” She nodded again, and he let out a wicked laugh. “Fucking right you would! Well Blake here knows a bitch when he sees one, and I’ll bet he knows exactly what to do with a bitch too, doesn’t he.” He shot Josh a quick glance. He was sitting with his mouth open watching his dog eat out his wife’s cunt. Marcus made a mental note that this guy was just no match for the hot cunt he was married to. “Give me your socks.” He demanded the awestruck husband. Josh shook his head in confusion, then muttered something and pulled his socks off his feet, handing them to Marcus. “Pull them up onto the dog’s front legs, over his paws… be quick about it! He wants to mouth this damn bitch!” Josh got on the floor beside them and quickly covered the dog’s front paws. From there he could easily see Blake’s tongue and nose nudging deep into Molly’s hole, and he groaned at how arousing the whole scene was to him. “Alright, now lead him up; guide him over her. Let him mount his bitch.” Marcus toyed with her hair still as he instructed Josh to get the dog to mount. Blake whimpered his objection when Josh tried to pull his nose away from the wet cunt, but after a couple more tries the dog seemed to realize what was expected of him, and climbed on like a pro. Marcus instructed Josh to guide the dog’s cock into the entrance of her fuckhole, and as soon as Blake felt it entering, he did the rest. Josh sat right where he was and watched as Blake’s cock disappeared into Molly. “Next time he’ll mount without any help.” Marcus said, matter-of-factly. “He’ll recognize her as his bitch, and he’ll know exactly the only reason she walks on this earth is to satisfy his cock.” He chuckled wickedly. “Looks like you have a bit of competition for that hot cumbucket now Josh. Blake’ll want to mount his bitch any chance he gets!” As he talked, the dog picked up speed, and soon his hips were slamming, his cock hammering into her at breakneck speed. There was nothing like the power of an animal fucking it’s mate, Marcus thought to himself, as he roughly pushed Molly’s mouth down over his cock. “Now suck me, bitch! Give yourself another cum feed while you show Josh and I what you really are… a bitch through and through. Josh, on the other hand, could say or do nothing, but watch this animal pounding into his wife, and watch his own cock growing extremely hard in response. Molly let out a loud gasp around the cock that was now rock hard in her mouth. Marcus laughed down at her. “Is it huge, bitch? Is it ripping you apart? He’s got his knot in you. Ha! Just want a bitch is for. You’ll be knotted with him for a while after he cums. If you were my dog’s bitch, that would be a great time for my to have company show up at the door, while you’re kneeling helplessly with the dog’s knot stuck in your twat!” He glanced at Josh. “Got any friends… or family… that might want to drop by at this time of night?” Josh gasped. “NO!!!! Oh GOD no! No one knows we’re even doing this!” Marcus looked back to the dog and the girl. “Hmm. Pity.” He said blandly. In his mind he pictured her with her friends or family dropping by and finding her with Blake knotted in her cunt. Oh what a sight that would make! Blake started to whimper and whine as he hammered her cunt faster than ever. Before long he was cumming full force in her cumhole, and Josh sat agog in disbelief, watching streams of dogcum escaping her cunt around the still slamming cock. Unconsciously he had taken his cock out and started stroking it, amazed that it was once again hard and straining. As soon as Blake’s cum started oozing out around his cock, Josh’s cum exploded with a loud groan. Marcus laughed and gripped her head roughly. He could tell by her breathing that she was going to cum very soon. He hoped it happened while the dog was still ramming into her. He’d love to see her cum on the dog’s cock. It would make him blow his own load right….. Ohhhh yes!! There she went! gasping and moaning wildly around the cock stuffed in her mouth, her whole body started shaking as the orgasm raged through her, her cunt squeezing the last of the dogcum from Blake. Marcus slammed her head down hard on his cock and let out a rumbling yelp as his own cum spurted into her mouth. “Drink it! Drink it you fucking cum guzzling BITCH!” He fucked up into her mouth while slamming her head down over his cock, cumming loads of sperm into her mouth while she swallowed every last drop and even then milked him for more. Finally he pulled her head up, dragging her mouth off of him. Blake was spent, and was unsuccessfully trying to disengage himself from her cunt, but his knot would take a while yet to shrink down again. Marcus shoved her to the side where Josh had collapsed on the floor, panting. “He’s blown a gasket again. Clean him up will you, slut.” Marcus said, and Molly set to work licking up her husband’s cum once again. Meanwhile her Master stood up and walked slowly to the window. The sun was slowly peeking over the horizon. He looked at his watch, then back at the trio on the floor. His time was just about up. Not enough left to do anything substantial to her now. Casually he rubbed his soft cock and sighed. What he wouldn’t do to have a cockslave like her around all day every day! Silently he walked over and picked up his bag and left the room. When he returned, he was dressed as he had been when he’d arrived. Molly had crouched down to get more comfortable while she awaited her detachment from the dog, and Josh, cock spotlessly clean now, was lounging on the floor against the chair, breathlessly. He looked up when Marcus re-entered the room and tried to smile through his exhaustion. “Wow!” was all he managed to say for a while, then as Marcus made his way to the door, he tried again. “Hey, liten…. thank you. I mean THANK you! This was wild!” “My pleasure.” Marcus said, his hand on the doorknob. “Oh…wait!” Josh tried to get to his feet. “The money…. we haven’t paid you your fee yet.” Marcus looked over at Molly, his stomach giving him a little nudge as he looked at the well-fucked slut still under the dog. He’d forgotten they’d offered to pay him for this. “Forget it.” he said. Josh looked at him. “We agreed to a fee. I’d really feel like I didn’t live up to my side of the deal here it…” Marcus shook his head. “Nobody has to pay me to fuck that hot slut!” He said, and with a smile and a nod of goodbye, the door closed between them.

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