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June 1, 2007

Animal sex story - Gorilla At The Zoo

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The first time I ever visited a zoo was with my parents; I must have been about 4 years old. I remember seeing
the pink flamingos and the scary snakes and all the other animals that I had only heard about in bedtime stories
and seen on TV. I was in awe. Since that very first day, I ve wanted nothing more than to work with animals,
to help them and to help people understand them. As I got older, I can t even count the number of friends I
annoyed by wanting to spend my time at the zoo instead of the beach or playing sports. Finally, when I turned
18, I was old enough to get a job at the zoo.

I could only work a few hours a day, after school. I was in the 12th grade and school had become quite boring
for me. The classes were dull and the boys there were all so stupid. I developed quite early and, because of my
thin body and my larger than average breasts, along with a pretty face, I found myself always being teased by
the boys. More often than not they would first ask me out, to which I would obviously decline, then they would
pick on me for the rest of my life, calling me “jugs” and “Dolly Parton” and all kinds of other juvenile things to
hurt my feelings. The more that the stupid people at school made me feel bad, the more I wished I could be
older, graduate, get my college degree and move away.

My time spent at the zoo was better than any of the rest of my life. I was given a simple job, but I was more
than happy to have it. I was in charge of greeting people as they came into the entrance of the zoo. What I
really wanted to be doing, though, was to be working with the animals. The other employees assured me that I
could eventually work my way up to that. For now I was stuck at the gate. I always tried to look my best while
working. I usually wore long dresses and did my blond hair in a nice ponytail.

One day, while I was standing at my post, handing out maps, I heard a terrible scream. I turned around but I
couldn t see what was going on. I heard it again. I dropped the maps, kicked off my heels, and ran in the
direction of the screams. As I rounded a corner, I saw a large group of people gathered around the gorilla
exhibit. I ran up and saw a woman along the railing intermittently screaming and sobbing. I moved close to her
and asked her what was wrong. She pointed into the exhibit. The barrier between the humans and the gorillas
consists of a drop down about 15 feet into a moat about 25 feet across. There is a guard rail and a small wall
to keep people from falling into the exhibit. As I looked down into the exhibit I saw a small boy sitting on the
inside edge of the moat, where the gorillas live, crying. He was wet so I gathered that he had somehow climbed
the small wall and fallen or jumped into the moat and managed to swim to the embankment. As I looked further
info the exhibit I saw one of the big gorillas staring over at the boy. I looked around and saw that, while quite a
crowd had gathered, no other zoo employees were to be seen. I knew that the gorilla could easily hurt or kill
the child and I knew that the gorilla would be destroyed if he did. I decided to act.

I ducked under the guard rail and then stepped up onto the small wall. I jumped down into the moat. I felt the
cold water surround me and then I surfaced. I swam towards the boy, who was still crying. I pulled myself up
out of the water next to him. I grabbed him and held him up as I stepped back down into the water. Yelling for
the onlookers to help I swam back toward the outside wall of the exhibit. Some of the men hung their hands
down and I struggled to hand the boy to them while swimming. Eventually he stretched up and someone
grabbed his hand and pulled him up and out. I could hear the crowd sigh as he was reunited with his mother. I
was too tired to keep swimming while waiting for the men to come back and reach down to try to help me out.
I pushed off the wall and floated back to the inner bank of the enclosure. I pulled myself up and sat down on
the water’s edge, soaking wet and exhausted.

I heard someone scream up above. I looked up and they were pointing at me. Just then I felt something grab
my ponytail. Before I could figure out what was happening I was being dragged across the ground by my hair.
The pain and confusion stunned me. Then it stopped. I was lying on my back on the ground. As my eyes
focussed I saw a huge gorilla above me. I looked off to the right and saw the crowd watching in terror. I rolled
over on my side and got up to run. The gorilla grabbed me again, this time by the back of my wet dress. He
pulled me back towards him. I struggled to get away. My dress buttons tore off and the top of my dress came
down as the giant beast pulled at it. He wouldn t let go. My dreams of escape disappeared as he wrapped his
arm around my waist. I could feel his big hairy arm tighten around my nearly bare stomach. I felt so cold
standing there in my bra and what was left of my dress. The giant creature made a load roar and pulled me
toward it. He pulled my body hard against his furry self.

I was facing away from the gorilla, toward the crowd up on the wall, with both of the creatures arms now
wrapped around my waist. I knew he could kill me if he wanted. Slowly the creature began to rock back and
forth. It picked my up slightly off the ground and then set me down, rubbing my ass and back against it s front.
I wasn t sure what was going on. Then suddenly I felt it. Pushing into my back was a growing bulge. As I
realized what was going on, I struggled to get away. The beast held me tighter. It kept picking me up and
sliding me down it s body. The gorilla had to be seven feet tall and its arms were bigger around than most men s
legs. It began pushing at me harder and harder. I could now feel it s huge organ sliding around against my back.
As it picked me up the large rod would slide between the cracks of my ass, but thankfully the head wasn t
going low enough to fall between my legs. The creature seemed to be enjoying the feeling it was getting. I just
wanted to get away.

All at once it put its hands in my armpits and picked me far up in the air. It held me there like a child or a rag
doll. Suddenly it pulled me down hard. I felt the giant sex organ slide quickly along my back. And then it pushed
me back up into the air. I was shaking. This time when the creature pulled me down it s huge gorilla cock
impaled me. I felt like I was split in two. It must have been 16 inches long because I was all at once choking
and crying. It had gone right through the lace underwear I was wearing and straight into me, far inside of me.
The beast then lifted me up, but not as far this time, not so that its cock came out of me. It pushed and pulled
my body like a toy, up and down on its hard organ. Faster and faster. I tried to scream but I couldn t. Every
once in a while I would see a blur of the people up on the wall, still watching. I was dizzy from being shaken
and the pain in my crotch was intense as the beast kept fucking me.

Then it stopped. I fell to the ground like a discarded Barbie doll. My bra was gone and my dress was in shreds.
Nearly naked and dazed, I got up on my knees. The beast grabbed me from behind and began fucking wildly at
me doggy style. I felt it s cock whipping around my back and then my stomach and then back. I couldn t
believe how long the thing was, or how big around. Suddenly it found a target. The head slammed its way into
my virgin asshole so fast I almost passed out. Then the whole thing was inside of me, up to the huge brown
balls that I could feel slapping against my sore pussy. The gorilla was raping me in the ass in front of a bunch
of people. I kept struggling to escape but I couldn t even move. The creature just kept hammering away at me.
I could feel its breath on my back as it pushed me flat down on my stomach. Then, suddenly, it thrust its cock
into my ass so hard I felt it in my stomach, and it held it there. The beast howled as I felt a huge gush of come
shoot out of its cock and into the depths of my ass. The creature kept coming for over a minute, holding itself
so hard and deep inside me I thought I would explode. Then it left. I lay there on the ground, in a pool of gorilla
cum, naked and broken, so glad that it was finally over.

Then I heard the crowd scream again. I turned and saw three more male gorillas quickly approaching

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