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June 2, 2006

Animal sex story - Friends in The Forest

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It was a hot balmy night… the sort we don’t have many of in England, and my Master was making use of the
warm weather, outside whenever possible. I’d been introduced to so many new sensations this year, that I felt
like a tight spring…

I’d discovered the joys of making him happy, and the pains of displeasing him, but they too were given lovingly
and accepted willingly by me with gratitude for his effort in making me become what I am. He loved me, I was
sure of that, and I knew he wouldn’t ever harm me or put me in a position where I might be harmed by another.
In a nutshell I belonged to him… and however much he denied it, he belonged to me too. His was the physical
ownership though, every hair on my head belonged to this man, given to him by me to pleasure him as he saw

I contemplated this as my Lord and Master decided on his method of punishment this evening… I knew whatever
he chose that I would feel the sting! Without a doubt I deserved this, I had been wrong in not obeying the
simple instructions. To argue is to disobey, and to disobey is to be chastised… I know this and still I do it? The
thrill running through me secretly explains my irrationality. I welcome the caress of the whip or the bluntness of
his strap. I need it to thrive and grow. It opens my soul and shows in every look. The pain is clearly visible to
those that understand, in my every look and movement. My Master says I wear my subservience like a badge, he
knew what I was before I even did.

The roughness of the bark rubs my stomach, but not painfully, more a reminder that I am not here to enjoy
myself. There is a reason I am leaning across this thick gnarly fallen Oak. It serves a purpose, there is no need
to restrain me, I know I must be punished and I accept it simply and without question. Out here in the forest
though, I am nervous… stray ramblers or dog walkers that must inevitably be enjoying this unaccustomed
weather as well, could stumble across us at any time. He knows I fear this and plays on my fears… dragging
each second into a minute. Taking more time than normal to choose his method of chastisement.

Eventually I feel the smooth leather of the whip sliding down across my back and onto my bare bottom. He
speaks at last…

“I’ve chosen the whip, I know how much you adore the fineness of it, I do indeed feel it is the King of all my

And he’s right as usual… the purity of the whip is unrivalled, it is an age old punishment, as effective now, as it
was 100 years ago. I sigh and mentally prepare myself.

“Tonight, as a minor misdismeanor, I will limit you to 12 strokes. But silence is expected, one word or groan and
I’ll double it”

“Yes Sir” I agree almost enthusiastically. No argument… I accept his authority.

I sense, rather than hear him approach behind me. I know he’s raising his whip… I wait for the familiar whistle as
he expertly uses his chosen instrument. Another second and I am rewarded with a crack across my exposed
cheeks. The pain is excruciating, I hold back my scream, aware of my earlier promise. My bare flesh is on fire and
a million stings invade my skin. But as quickly as it starts the pain is fading… I relax, only to be brought straight
back by the sound of the whip exploding across me once more. The noise is deafening, the crack of the whip
may as well be a bullet biting across the silent forest. I blush, knowing that sooner, rather than later someone is
sure to investigate.

The third stroke attacks my senses, and as well as pain I am aware of a growing sensation inside of me… the
familiar rise of desire begins to well up, threatening to erupt into orgasm soon… he knows this and starts laying
the stripes slightly harder. I feel my wetness on my thighs… I must control it… to release the orgasm without
permission would be serious lack of respect. I bite down as the fourth and fifth strokes wrap themselves across
my flesh. A crack! someone is there… I heard them. I raise my head slightly to pinpoint the intruder, I see him…
he’s watching avidly. I blush to the roots of my hair, oh my god the humiliation of someone witnessing my bare
figure laid out and punished. But again the juices start to flow… My Master knows he’s there. I can tell by the
way the man raises his eyes and nods. He must have made eye contact. I’m so ashamed to be in this position.
But deeply excited at the thought of being watched. 7! 8! 9! flash across my senses… I look at the man again,
he has come closer… no longer hiding now that he has been openly invited to watch my shame. A grin is
plastered across his young face. I notice his dog struggling to come closer to me. I pay it no attention… it’s
simply curious about these strange humans. As the tenth stroke connects with me I can’t help myself and cry
out in a mixture of ecstasy, pain and orgasm. I feel my Lord straighten and sense his displeasure. I could cry, I
hate displeasing him…

He finishes the strokes quickly. I remain where I am… I know my place. … I will not move until instructed to do
so. From the corner of my eye I see movement from the young spectator. He is releasing his dog from it’s collar.
It makes a beeline for my face… so low over the tree trunk. I cringe somewhat… scared of being bitten. But this
dog wants to say hello, and licks my face enthusiastically. I relax, tension dissolving… what is my Lord doing? I’m
confused. The Young Man clambers across the old oak beside me… drinking in the welts across my bottom as he
goes. His dog follows him on a sharp whistle. The dog and I are not dissimilar… we both answer to our superiors.

Both men are behind me now. I can hear mumbled whisperings… I am bewildered, my Master has never loaned
me yet… will he be starting now? I will do as I am bid, but I did not expect it. I feel hands on my bottom… they
are not my masters. I recognise his touch, it is familiar to me as my own heartbeat. These are strange hands…
they stroke my welts… lingering over the raised patches… before gliding down to my soaking thighs. Gently a
hand parts my legs a little more. I will do as I am bid, I know my Master is giving this man permission. A finger
slips on to my wetness… another joins it, and I feel them pinching and teasing my clit. I start to melt once more
and then my master speaks.

“Rachel, you were so bad weren’t you” It is not a question. More of a statement “You know that you are not
allowed to orgasm until I have given you my express permission. I have no idea how you became so lax in your
behaviour. It’s clear to me that you need a more severe shock. James, my young friend here has volunteered his
services, and those of his pet”

My mind is in turmoil… his pet? what on earth does he mean?

“No doubt you’re enjoying James’ attentions on your cunt, you’re behaving like a little slut, dripping everywhere.
But James has to do this to get his animal accustomed to your scent. The dog is going to lick you bitch, and you
may orgasm, but then you are going to satisfy the dog”

My mind is screaming at me… I can’t do this! It’s wrong, it’s against nature! Dogs and humans don’t have sex. I
know this with every ounce of my being, but still I cannot disobey.

I feel James’s hands again… playing and teasing me. He slips his fingers into me, he is adept with his fingers and
soon brings me to my orgasm, I can’t help crying out in anguish, knowing that I have agreed to let this happen
to me. James removes his hand and I feel a faint breeze across my exposed pussy. I shiver in anticipation.

Oh Christ… I feel warmth against my pussy, a long tongue snakes its way around my labia, flicking across my
clit. I can’t enjoy it! I mustn’t! But I can’t help myself… the tongue never stops… it moves against me, rougher
than a human tongue, finding my deepest spots and using them to betray me. My Master leans in close to me
and breaths in my ear.

“slut! you little bitch… this dog is going to fuck you in every hole and you are going to beg for it. He is superior
to you in every way you fuckslave, when he cums you will thank us all in turn for allowing you the privilege”

“Yes sir” I gasp “OH God Sir I need to cum… please can I?” I beg for his permission

“Go on then slut, lets see you cum from a dog! You dirty whore”

I have his permission and the orgasm escapes me in a loud and exhausting rush. I visibly collapse across the tree
in a combination of shock and bliss.

Before I have time to relax, I am pulled upright by my Master.

“Now Bitch, suck that animal, he earned it”

I hesitate momentarily and glance at my Master, the look in his eye is pure steel. I must do as I am told. I kneel
and look at the dog. Oh my god his cock is poking out and it’s huge! I can’t believe that a dogs dick can be that
large. It’s paler than a mans, more translucent with deep red veins running up it. I see drops of cum on it’s tip.
Mesmerised I move my mouth closer… opening my lips as I go. Then, suddenly it’s on my lips, I taste the dogs
cum, it’s not so different from my masters… again I move forward… enveloping the dog in my mouth. I take his
cock into my mouth, inching slowly onto it… i’ll need to deepthroat to take him all. I push on until I almost gag
as my choke reflex responds to the huge mass in my throat, quickly I push past it. I have his whole fucking cock
in my mouth now and I’m loving it. I start to move up and down on him, blowing him like I’d blow My master, up
and down faster and faster, the dog starts giving out little yelps… I think he’s going to cum! I’m going to
swallow this dogs cum, the idea excites and revolts me. In a trance I start yelping through my mouthful, acting
like the bitch I truly am, then roughly, my hair is grabbed and I am yanked from the dogs cock.

“Not so fast Slut… I want to see you fucked by the animal” My Masters voice is firm. “On all fours NOW Bitch”

I comply quickly… I feel the animals hair against me as he is persuaded to mount me, his claws on my bare back
scratching me, I’m such a slut, I want to please this dog now, I want to make him cum deep inside of me. I feel
his cock trying to find it’s target, hands helping it, and suddenly his cock connects with my open cunt, one push
and it’s in me! He starts to move against me, his sharp claws digging painfully into my back, reminding me every
second that I am his bitch and I’m being fucked by him. I used to laugh at dogs trying to fuck peoples legs, but
now I am the bitch being fucked by the dog, and it’s not funny now. I’m so close to cumming again, I know my
master and his friend are masturbating openly in front of me now, as excited as me by this giant cock in my
cunt. The dogs movements are frantic now… I can’t help myself, my hips start to buck and a huge orgasm starts
to explode in me, the dog is making me cum now!! My bucking has accidentally pushed the dog from my pussy. I
feel bereft. This time though he needs no help getting back up… but before I realise whats happening he is
entering me again, but he’s missed his target! He’s pushing through my tight ass and into my rear, I can’t help
but scream in pain, his cock is huge and it pushes through forcefully, He satrts his movements again, scraping his
dick into my ass… miraculously I start to enjoy this too… I feel a swelling now… what is that? I think I’ve read
about this? His knot? it swells and locks inside of me… I will be left with this dog attached to me until it
subsides! Oh shit!!! what if someone sees? But it’s beyond my control now… this dog is swelling fast and there’s
no way it’s coming out of me now… the thickening of his cock has an amazing effect on me and I start to cum
continuously, sensing his bitches excitement the dog starts yelping and moving more urgently… he’s cumming!
the dog is cumming in my ass! The excitement for the men is too much, they both spurt their loads across my
face as I explode simultaneously with the dog… I feel the dogs load coating my insides, the heat of it burns my
delicate tissues. Exhausted the dog collapses on my back, pushing me down under him.

I have to wait now for the dog to subside so he can release me.

“Rachel, what do you say?” I hear

“Thankyou Sir, thankyou James, thankyou animal for letting me fuck you”

“Good girl” my master tells me “I’m glad you enjoyed it, James will be a frequent visitor in future, and he’ll be
bringing Rex with him”

Gently he lifts my head onto his lap to wait for the dog to shrink, and strokes my hair, praising me for being a
good slut. I couldn’t be happier or prouder if I tried. I did what I wanted. I pleased my Master.

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