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July 22, 2007

Zoo sex story - A Special Week End

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For those of You that do not know me, i am a slave to my Master & Mistress. About a year ago, i had submitted
to k9 love for the first time at the age of 40. my only regret is that i had not tried it earlier. That story has
already been published & i hope Ms Laurel sees fit to include this story and a previous one as well.

i was extremely excited. Master was going to take me back to John’s place in Pennsylvania where He had raised
3 great danes for the express purpose of fucking women. All 3 dogs, their cock sizes ranging from 9 to 13 inches,
had already used both linda and i. linda, His sub, had promised me that she was going to show me sometime
extremely kinky. i could not imagine what it might be, considering the animals had already used all three of our

i was especially excited because a dear friend, rieta was going to join us as well. Mistress had work that
weekend so She could not come with us. rieta and i were going to ride to Pa. With Master. we were placed in
the back seat, nude, except for the long coats that we wore. Normally Master would have diapered us both to
cut down on the stops that we had to make, but He likes us to flash at the rest stops and along the highway.
Not wanting to disappoint Him, we did as He liked and He was pleased at the results.

Finally we got to Pa., but not until the car had started to smell of both rieta and i constantly cumming from
playing with each other’s pussies. Once there, we saw linda come running up to meet us, stark naked. we left
our coats on the seat and met her naked as well. we all hugged each other, standing there in the cold, nude,
and kissing and playing with each other’s bodies. Finally the 2 masters attached leashes to our collars and
brought us inside.

Once inside, the men took rieta and linda and put them on the floor and started to fuck them hard and fast. I
was tied to a chair and could nothing but watch. i was kind of hurt when i realized that the men took rieta and
linda before me because they both had such lovely breasts, each with 36 D and mine were only 34 b L. Once
they had satisfied their men, i was untied and they took turns playing with my pussy until I had a nice cum. J

we were all nude and lying around until the men told us to go to the cages of our dogs. we each stood in front
of a cage and started to play with ourselves. Soon the room smelled our cum and the dogs were extremely
excited by our scents. The men then told us to get on our hands and knees facing each other. we were given
bottles of liquid KY jelly and we took turns lubing each other’s assholes and cunts. They took nipple clamps and
attached it to our nipples in such a fashion so that we were all connected. The clamps went from my left nipple
to rieta’s right nipple and then her right nipple was attached to linda’s left nipple and then linda’s left nipple was
attached to my right nipple. The process was repeated until all of our nipples were attached to each other. Once
done, the same process was repeated with clamps from our tongues. Once done we were all connected by
nipples and tongues. The tongue clamps made it impossible for us to close our mouths so we all wound up
drooling like animals. Each of us had puddles of drool dripping from our mouths.

Once we were secured, the Masters released the dogs. They had used us so many times that the thought of us
as their bitches and went to us. By luck, linda got “Longfellow.” His cock was 13 inches long! The men helped the
dogs mount us and put their cocks into our assholes. After waiting for the dogs to establish their rhythm, we
were allowed to fuck them as well. In no time all 3 of us were screaming as they fucked us hard and fast. we
were drooling like animals and screaming as we all hard cums. Once the dogs finished cumming, they could not
release because all 3 of us had slipped over their knots. The dogs rested for just a bit and then started fucking
us again and again. By the times their knots had gone down enough to release us, they had all cum 3 or 4 times.

All 3 of us were loaded with dog cum in our bowels. The problem is that so much warm cum in our bowels starts
to work like an enema. When the dogs were finally released we all had to “go.” The Masters would not let us use
the bathroom. Instead we had to go outside, still attached by nipples and tongues and squat in a circle to squat
and shit (please excuse my language) out in the backyard. The men thought that this was the greatest thing
and applauded as we did so. Finally after we were done, we asked the men for toilet paper. They took their
sweet time in getting it. In the mean time we had to stay outside in the cold with a temperature at about 20
degrees. When they gave us the toilet paper we were told we had to wipe each other’s assholes. The humiliation
was intense!!

The Masters then took us back into the garage. John’s garage is a heated 2-car garage. One side is carpeted
and the other is just a concrete floor. He has a hose and water outlet in the garage. The men made us lay on
the concrete floor and then hosed us off so that we were clean, both inside and out. Once cleaned, the Master’s
had us lay down and they jerked off on to of us.

linda then said that she would show us her kinky trick. she laid down on her back while John tied leather strips to
her thighs. He gave both rieta and i a strip and told us to pull her legs up. As we did, her legs were pulled up and
apart. John took a pillow and put it under her ass and then took one of the dogs, not Longfellow, and put Him
between her legs. In this position, His cock was lined up perfectly with her cunt. John guided the dog’s cock into
her cunt and linda started to rock back and forth. The dogs cock slide deeply into her so that his knot slipped
into her cunt. Once knotted linda started to scream like the slut she is and soon He came hard and fast. His knot
stayed inside for only a short time and when he pulled out, linda was released and stood up. As she did, the cum
leaked from her so fast, it looked like she was peeing dog cum. rieta and i could not wait for our turn. Since the
men had not fucked me earlier, i was allowed to use Longfellow. Once His cock was inside me, i repeatedly came
over and over again! Reita was next. Each time, we took turns holding the leather straps so that the dogs could
make deep missionary penetration.

The weekend was spent fucking either the men of the dogs. i have no idea how often each of us came. By the
next morning all 3 of us had swollen cunts and assholes. rieta and i left with our own Master the next morning
and went to a resort in Pa. Master refused to fuck either rieta or I for the next couple of days. Both of us were
so swollen that Master thought it best not to fuck either of us. It was so nice to spend the weekend in a
luxurious resort. It was such a kick to sit in a hot tub with other people. i wonder how they would react if they
knew that the women they were ogling had had their cunts and assholes filled with dog cum less than 6 hours
before that.

i love rieta so much and hope that Master will allow her to join us again real soon. i hope that Ms. Laurel allows
this to be published. Soon, i will write the final chapter to my “first times.”

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