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July 27, 2006

Zoo sex story - My First Time With A Dog

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Well to understand this part of my young life you need to read about the first time that I had my
first Gang-Bang. Otherwise this part of my confessing all my little dirty secrets will not make much
since at all. Let’s see how do I start this out? I know from the next day.

Bill and I went back to the abandoned house the next day after school just like we always did.
When we walked inside there where the boys from the day before and they had brought another
boy. It did not take much time before the big boy was giving orders again. He told me to strip,
which I did. This time I was not scared at all. In fact I was very excited, I had hoped that the
boys would come back one day so we could do the Gang-Bang again. You could not understand
my excitement when we found them in the house waiting for us and then to have the big boy
telling me to strip. I knew I was going to have them all fuck me again. As I remember it, my head
was swooning with excitement. I had no idea that they had anything different in mind than
yesterday; that is until one of them started to take Polaroid pictures of me taking off my cloths.
Bill objected but the big boy told us not to worry, no one would see them but us. To be honest, I
really did not care, in a way I kind of liked it. Bill kept objecting and the big boy finely told Bill that
if I did not want them to take the pictures that they would stop. They all looked at me and I told
them that I wanted to see what I looked like being fucked by them.

If I remember right they called the big boy Henry, (I am not sure but what the heck.) Henry had
me lay down and told Bill lick me as they took pictures. Then he had Bill stop long enough and
move out of the way so he could put his cock in me first. That day I did all the boys real quick. I
mean they would put their dick’s in me, make a few pumps and shoot their stuff in me, jump off
and another boy got right back inside of me. It was all real quick and I think I only climaxed
maybe 3-4 times with all of them the first time because they all seemed like they were in such a
rush. It seems I had one in my mouth and one in my pussy the minute Bill got up. The next time
that Henry fucked me he had me get up on all fours, then they started in one after another doing
my butt hole. When I turned over one of the boys crawled under me and started to lick me as I
went to work on his dick. Well to make this a short story I won’t take you through all that let me
just say it was one boy after another including my brother. During the time they did me from
behind two others got under me to 69. After they all finished fucking my ass, when the last boy
pulled out Henry asked them all if every one had enough? They all said they where tired, He asked
me if I was too tired. I let go of the dick that I was sucking long enough to say my knees hurt a
little but I wasn’t tired. The boy eating my pussy stopped long enough to tell me to keep sucking.
Henry told one of the boys to go get the dog.

It did not hit me when or why he said that. All I know is I heard someone go out of the room and
come back. I felt something cold and wet at me ass. I turned my head to see a huge dog’s head
between my legs and he was licking my asshole. He was licking up (I should say he was licking out
all the boys cum.) And the boy under me started to tell them all what he was seeing. He told
them how the dog’s tong was going deep inside of my ass. Hell he didn’t have to tell me I could
feel it going in and I mean going in deep. I felt like… Oh hell there is no way on earth that I can
ever in my life express to you how that felt.

I got so carried away that I almost bit off the boy’s dick that I had been sucking. He pulled out
from under me and the dog kept licking and moved down into my pussy. I heard one boy say they
brought the peanut butter and jelly for nothing. Then another asked if he would fuck me. I heard
this and did not understand, was there another boy that I had not seen?

Henry told them to look at his dick, that he was ready. He asked one of them to help him lift him
up. I felt the dog being lifted up onto my back, and also being shoved to me. I felt his dick and
looked under me. One of the boys was guiding his dick into me and I could see the hand aiming it.
I don’t know what happen but all of a sudden they all pulled back and the dog wrapped his front
legs around my waist and held me tight. He was like a jackhammer, I don’t know any other way to
explain it. From the first thrust I was hooked. I could feel his dick swelling up. I mean the whole
thing swelled and swelled. Then I felt a part of it growing bigger and bigger inside of me. There
was pleasure like I have never felt in my life.

I already knew that I loved fucking with Bill and I loved it a lot. Then I loved being with these
boys who would fuck me over and over. But this, this was just so nasty, it was so dirty. Because
of that it made the fucking feel so much better than just fucking my brother Bill, or fucking all
these boys.

I started to have a climax that started my whole body to quiver I lost it, I heard myself
screaming. It was a scream from deep down inside my gut. I guess I scared one of the boys
because I heard him yelling to get him off of me. I have no idea how I managed to yell it but I
yelled and told them to leave him alone, not to touch him. Henry told them to leave us alone, that
I wanted the dog to fuck me. I felt the dog holding my young hips hard pulling me tight against
him I could feel his slobber dripping down onto my back as he was holding me and fucking me. It
did not take a long time, before he started squirting his juice inside of me. And when he did shoot
his stuff, his dick pulsed, it would swell and pump. Oh my God what a feeling, He finished and just
stayed there with his dick pulsing throbbing and with each pulse it brought me pleasure.

After awhile I guess he had enough, my face was on the floor, my hips in the air and I felt him
back off. When he did, it hurt as he pulled his dick out, I mean it hurt a lot. When he got off of
me someone said "My God, look at his dick" I turned and looked myself, there was a huge big red
ball like thing on it. Now I know it is called a knot. At the time I was just amazed that he had it in
me. My pussy hurt and I was afraid I should be bleeding from being ripped down there. I put my
hand down there and I was sopping wet. I pulled it back and there was no blood. One of the boys
told them to look at my pussy that my hole was stretched wide open. I turned over and put my
hand back down there, they where right it was open but thank God I felt it closing.

Henry told everyone to get dressed and that we should leave. I lay there watching the boys and
Bill brought me my cloths. Henry came over to me before they left and said to me that if I wanted
more tomorrow to be here after school. My mind was spinning, I never felt so dirty in my life. I
never felt anything like this before. I got dressed and I found that the dog’s paws had scratched
my sides and I mean I was really scratched badly. I sat down to put my shoes on then I looked
up at him and told him that I would be here tomorrow as long as they all came back. As he turned
and started to walk away I said "Wait" he did and then I asked him if he would bring the dog back
tomorrow too. Bill asked me if I was sure that maybe that wasn’t a good idea, then Henry asked
me is I was sure. I remember that I told them "If they did not bring the dog, I would not be here
and they would all just have to jack off."

To tell you the truth I do not know if I was bluffing or not, I did know that I wanted to feel that
dog again inside of me. Maybe I should stop here, but I am remembering so much that happen to
me over the next few days. Henry brought two different boys the next day and he told me since
two of the others boys could not make it he brought the two new boys to replace them. I looked
around and did not see the dog. I asked Henry and he said he was tied up out side I walked over
to the window as I was getting out of my cloths. Henry told me that he had clean up detail.
When he said that they all laughed, Henry told them all to knock it off or they had to leave. Bill
said that we were all there for fun. When I was naked I laid on the mattress on the floor, opened
my legs and told them to come and get it. Bill was first that time, and I started sucking them as
they fucked me. Looking back on it all I was working them hard to get them all tired so I could get
the dog. It took a little time, but they finely tired of me and finely brought the dog.

I had a terrible time trying to get him up on my back again. Oh he licked me all right, and it was
heaven, but when I patted my cheeks telling him to get up he did not understand. He was
humping my leg, and only with my moving around did he get close enough so I could grab his dick
and guide it in me. When I touched it felt slick, real slippery and wet. Once it hit the opening of
my pussy he hit home. Again it took me to a pleasure point like nothing else. The boys where
cheering us on, and one boy wanted me to suck him off again. Henry told him he better not that I
might bite it off. He was right, I only wanted one thing and that was to enjoy every blissful
minute of this pleasure. This time when the dog got off of me, I heard the plop as his big knot
popped out. And the second time it did not hurt like the day before. It was uncomfortable for a
very short minute, but by the third day it did not hurt at all.

This went on every day for the whole school year (except those days I was on my period) when
the year ended we moved to Austin TX. I had mixed feelings about this. I found out that Henry
was charging boys money to join us and he was selling the pictures they took of me at his school.
I should have been pissed, but he was giving Bill and I money all the time. Hell I didn’t give a shit
who saw them just as long as our folks didn’t and anyone from my school.

I finely got the knack on how to get "Rusty" (the dog) to get up on me, I even made the boys put
baby booties over his front paws to stop him from scratching me so bad. I almost felt a little
trapped doing this every day after school but the minute I would walk into that old house, I would
be so excited wanting everything to start, I must have been out of my mind with sexual lust.

I was torn between loosing my nasty encounters and starting over. When we got settled in I
begged my father to get us a dog but he wouldn’t. Bill was against it I did not understand it then,
I do now. I am sure if Dad had got us a dog he and Mom would have caught me screwing him, and
I know Bill did not want anyone to know of or about our perversion. I did find a dog to use, it was
a neighbor’s dog, and I had to sneak out late at night in my night cloths into their back yard
where their collie was kept tied up. He had a big doghouse and I was still small enough to crawl
inside with him.

I literally grew up loving sex with dogs as I did loving sex with boys. I seemed to grow out of it
slowly by growing to big to get inside of the doghouse with him. Now I maybe have sex with a
dog once or twice a year. I know better than to own a dog, I know that if I did, I would loose
myself and never go out of the house. Besides, sex is sex and as a human I need more than just
sex. I need love, friends, companionship, and work. Living my life with a dog would only satisfy my
basic sexual need. When I was married my husband wanted to get us a dog, so I insisted it be a
small one. That way I would not get caught screwing him. Come to think of it I should have had
him get me a big one. Maybe then I would still be married to him. Maybe not, he was a jerk even
out of bed. Some times I wonder what I ever saw in him.

Anyway now you know what I went through in learning all about sex with a dog. Would I ever
regret it? I do not think so; I only regret the way it happen. Well maybe not, I guess it is just the
way it turned out with Henry pimping me and making me so fucking addicted to dogs and

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