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November 9, 2007

Zoo sex story - Fun on the Farm Pt. I

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Julie and Katie were twin sisters. They lived in the city in a pretty rough neighborhood. When their Grandma
invited them to spend the summer at her farm, they were ecstatic. Both girls couldn’t wait until they could
spend time in the outdoors. Breathing the fresh air and just generally being away from the city would be
wonderful. Their parents thought it would be good for the girls. Their Grandma needed some help, and thought
maybe the two girls could help her, earn some money and get away from it all.

Julie and Katie excitedly put their suitcases in the trunk of the car. The drive there seemed to take forever. As
their Dad drove down the gravel road that led to Grandma’s house they were excited. As they pulled in the
driveway in front of Grandma’s large farmhouse, they quickly bolted out of the car. Grandma was waiting on the
porch. “Julie, Katie hi how are my favorite Granddaughters?” she asked. “Hi Grandma” they said together. “Go
ahead and take your stuff to your bedroom” Grandma told them. Julie and Katie each had their own bedroom
their, but they always stayed in the same room.

Being identical twins they were extremely close. They enjoyed sleeping together. “Go ahead and check out the
farm if you want” she told them. Julie and Katie held hands and excitedly ran out the front door. They ran fast
and hard, enjoying the fresh outdoors. They saw the large barn, and decided to investigate it. They
approached the big red building and opened the door. They could smell the fresh hay. They wrestled and played
in the piles of hay, roughhousing and being young again. Suddenly they heard a snorting noise, and looked
inside of the old stall. There stood a large brown horse. Julie reached through the stall and petted the large
animal on it’s head. “Wow, look!” Katie said, pointing beneath the animal. Julie looked at where her twin sister
was pointing, and saw it. “Oh my God!!” she exclaimed. The horse had a hard-on. It’s large cock was standing
quite erect. It was as big as a stick of firewood. “I dare you to touch it” Katie said to her sister. “Oh yeah, no
problem” Julie replied bravely.

Julie stepped into the stall and began patting the excited animal. Katie watched as her sister reached beneath
the horse. Her hand found the horse’s large hard cock. She began rubbing the large organ softly. The horse
seemed to enjoy it. It just stood there allowing her to masturbate it. Julie took the large pink cock into both of
her hands and began to stroke the horse quickly. Her hands moved up and down the large shaft. She could feel
the massive amounts of pre cum as they oozed from the gigantic head. Katie felt herself become moist as her
sister jacked off the horse. Katie entered the stall and also put her hands around the large horse cock.

The twins furiously pumped the horse’s large cock with their hands. They were both wet and excited from
pleasuring the animal. The horse snorted loudly and they could feel it’s large cock throb and pulsate wildly
beneath their hands. Suddenly the large cock pulsated and the horse thrust against them. It’s cock erupted.
They watched as the white cum erupted by the bucket-fulls. “Wow, look at all of that cum” Julie moaned.
“Yeah, isn’t it cool” Katie added. They continued to pump the horses large cock wildly milking it’s white cream
from the massive head. They stroked the horse until every drop of cum had squirted from the odd shaped head.

“Wow, do you actually think a girl could take that in her pussy?” Katie asked her sister. “Maybe we will find out”
Julie said, rubbing herself between her legs. “God, did that turn you on as much as it did me?” Julie asked her
sister. “Oh, yes, I am so wet” Katie replied. “Well what’s a sister for?” Julie said as she reached between Katie’s
legs and felt her damp spot in her shorts. Julie lowered Katie’s shorts and panties. She knelt between her twin
sister’s legs and began to lick her swollen clit. “God you always do that so good” Katie moaned.

Julie loved the way her sister tasted. They had always been each other’s best lovers since they discovered
sex. Katie reached between Julie’s legs and rubbed her. Julie hungrily licked and sucked her sister’s hot pussy.
Julie slid her own shorts and panties down. Katie’s finger found her swollen clit and began rubbing it
passionately while she ate her sweet pussy. Julie lost herself as she ate Katie’s hot pussy. Katie moaned softly
as her sister’s tongue flicked up and down her wet slit. Suddenly Julie felt a foreign wet object between her
legs. “Wow, what are you doing?” she asked Katie. “It feels kind of neat” she added. “I’m not doing anything”
Katie said. She saw the Great Dane licking at Julie’s pussy. “Oh my God, there’s a dog licking your pussy” she
said. “It feels good” Julie moaned. She raised her ass high in the air.

The dog sniffed and licked at her wet pussy. Julie felt the long dog tongue as it lapped at her wet pussy. Julie
wiggled her pretty ass as the dog buried it’s face into her ass. Julie ate Katie with great passion now. She was
on the verge of cumming from the dog’s licking. She wanted Katie to cum with her. Katie began to quiver, and
Julie knew that her sister would be rewarding her with a mouthful of her sweet pussy juice. Julie came hard, the
dog licked up her pussy cream as she climaxed. Katie moaned loudly, and filled her sister’s mouth with her
juices. Julie made loud slurping noises as she sucked her sister’s cum. “Girls where are you?” they heard their
parents yelling. “Oh shit, let’s go” Julie said. She quickly leapt up and they both pulled their shorts on.

They ran towards the farm house. The big dog followed them. “Oh I see you met Scooter” their Grandma said.
“He’s a big clutz, but he is a good companion” she said pointing at the Great Dane. He must’ve weighed 130 lbs.
or so. “Well, it’s almost supper time” Grandma told them, stick around the house” “Ok Grandma” they said. “We
must be going now girls” their mom and dad said. The girls kissed their parents bye and watched them leave.
They sat down and ate fried chicken and mashed potatoes with Grandma. “What did you 2 do today? Grandma
asked. The two girls looked at each other. “Oh just fooled around” Julie said. “Hope you enjoy it here” Grandma
said. “oh, I think we most definitely will” Katie said. They looked at each other again. Julie gently reached
between Katie’s legs and squeezed her pussy through her shorts.

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