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December 4, 2006

Zoo sex story - My Lovers, My Dog, My Husband

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Author’s note. This story is true. I have been asked by many on line and in the chat room if my stories are true. Some are based on part
fact, mostly fiction. I have a vivid imagination. A very good friend told this story to me. She had read my story, "A Lady’s Best Friend," and
replied that her dog had fucked her. She first told it to me in strictest confidence, which I kept. I was so thrilled, so excited by it, that I
asked her to tell me the true complete story, and asked if I could publish is here. She said yes. Readers, this is true, a story told to me, as a
friend - by a friend. I wanted to share it with you, and perhaps seeing it in print will ease the guilt she felt just after it happened. I have told
it in first person, just as she told it to me.

This set of circumstances was built on several Ifs. If - I hadn’t just finished my period two days before. If - Buster didn’t have a female dog
next door that was in heat. If - Vic and I hadn’t been drinking. If - Vic wasn’t also so horny, this might have never happened. It was a mixture
of these ingredients that got me so hot that I fucked our dog.

I always get very horny the second and third days after my period and Vic knows it. Buster, our beautiful and rather large German Shepherd
had a lady friend in the next apartment that was in heat and he could smell her. He’d been frisky and horny all day, prancing around, his cock
seemed to stay hard almost every day. He would hump anything in sight. Poor thing! Vic and I had been drinking and petting and that got both
of us to a fever pitch.

I’ll start from the beginning, we had a couple of drinks then we went to a movie and sat in the rear of the theatre. No one was around us and
the movie was pretty sexy. Not hard core, but good erotic sex action. Vic kept fondling my tits, and I’d reach over and fondle and squeeze his
cock through his pants. We both got very hot from watching the movie, and from teasing each other.

I didn’t pull his cock out of his pants till we got in the car and were going home. I unzipped him, slipped his hard cock out and slid my mouth
down over the large swollen head. He groaned but I wouldn’t let him cum. I wanted that fat cock in me when he shot his wad. When we got
home, we were both very horny. We had several of drinks while we undressed each other in the living room, too eager to go to the bedroom.

We lay on the couch finally, necking heavily, he played with my breasts and pussy, I stroked his hard cock. We kissed and our tongues played
games together. God we were both hot.

I lay on the couch, legs spread while his fingers slid into my dripping pussy, and sucked my hard nipples. . I was in fire. I wanted release, his
cock, his tongue, his fingers, I didn’t care. I slowly stroked his cock, hard and throbbing under my hand. My head was thrown back, eyes
closed, enjoying the feelings of his lips and fingers on and in me.

Suddenly I felt something strange, a new sensation, a different sensation, on my pussy, a wet licking, shocked me. I looked down to see
Buster licking my spread pussy. I started to sit up, to push him away. Vic pushed me back, holding me down.

"Shhhh," he whispered, "God, it looks so horny."

God, it felt so very sexy. Unbelievably sexy. Goose bumps came up all over my body. I lay back and went along with Vic as he continued to
work on my nipples again, holding my pussy lips open wide with one hand. My husband - holding me open - so our dog - our dog - could lick
my pussy! So Buster could lick me with his long slightly rough tongue.

The dog licked my pussy from bottom to top, over and over, from my ass to the top of my cunt, his tongue felt kind of rough, yet really nice. I
kept getting hotter and hotter. The thought of it was driving me wild, having a dog, an animal, lick my pussy. God, the thought. Think about

I could tell my orgasm was close, and Vic knows that when I cum heavily, I am useless for a while. He pushed the dog away and kissed me.

"Look at Buster." He said. I looked and his cock was fully out, red and angry looking, and so big. "You can’t leave him like that!" he said and
gently but firmly pulled me to the floor on my hands and knees. "Play with him." He told me.

I reached out and touched it, his long dog cock, it was hot to the touch, Buster whimpered. I felt Vic behind me pushing his fat cock into me.
I was so horny, so on fire. Lust filled my body. I started to slowly move my hand, jacking Buster off gently.

Vic fucked me from behind, his cock thrusting into me. His thrusts pushed me forward toward Buster, forcing me to inch forward. I could tell
what he wanted, my head was getting closer to Buster, his red long cock. Seven, eight inches of cock, red, hard. His huge swollen knot at the

Vic was telling me sexy things, how sexy I looked letting the dog lick me, he loved me because I was jacking him off, and he started to tell me
to suck him, put his cock in my mouth, how sexy I would look. All this time he’s pushing me forward with his thrusts against me. Fucking me
from behind "Doggy Style." "Doggy Style" while the dog is in front of me and my hand is slowly stroking his red wet cock. Shivers ran through
me. I trembled. Emotions I had never known flooded my body.

All of a sudden, it seems, my face was in front of his cock. "Suck it! Suck it!" Vic urges his voice hoarse with passion. Before I could think
about it. I opened my mouth and put it in.

The taste was different, but again different from sucking a man. What was different was how much precum there was. It was dripping out,
almost non-stop. I let it go in my mouth, then run out, not wanting to swallow it. The dog was humping his hips harder, all the time Vic was
fucking me doggy style, harder and faster. Like a bitch in heat. I was in heat, such, as I had never known, before or since.

Suddenly Vic pulled out of me. I almost screamed. God I was so hot, I would have done anything! Anything! He pulled out leaving me
frustrated. He was still talking to me, telling me how sexy I was, how good I looked, how he wanted the dog to fuck me.

I was so hot, so far gone, I didn’t care. Vic maneuvered me around so I was on my knees, leaning on the couch. He called Buster over, lifted
his body up, and put him on my back. He grabbed Buster’s cock and guided it to my pussy. Buster felt it against my hot open, wet, dripping
cunt and got the hang of it immediately. Buster started to fuck me, his paws around me, his claws scratching my sides, drawing blood. I didn’t
care. He slid inside me incredibly long, hot, thick. As large as my husband, yet longer by far. Deep inside my pussy, thrusting, thrusting.

I have never been fucked like that, before or since. He just took me like a bitch in heat. His strokes were incredibly deep, yet fast. His knot
pressed against my pussy, too large to go in. I started to climax immediately and came over and over. All of a sudden I felt him cum inside me,
and cum and cum. Jesus, there was no end to it. I never felt so full of cum. I climaxed over and over, Buster fucking me so hard, and so deep.
It was unreal. It was fantastic. Incredible!

Afterward I felt terrible. What had I done? Sex with a dog! How depraved that was! After a day or two the guilt eased, but all Vic wanted,
was for me to repeat it. He only saw the sex. He didn’t see how I felt about it.

Looking back on it, I am turned on by it. Vic doesn’t pressure me any more so maybe one day, if the mood is right, it could happen again. We’ll

The end of her story.

That is what she told me. I was excited by it, the thought. God, the deed! I wrote about a dog and two women in "A Woman’s Best Friend."
It was fiction. My fantasy of two women and a dog. I have fantasized about a dog fucking me. Many women do, but won’t admit it even to
themselves This young woman fulfilled it. She actually did it! I do not know if she had fantasized about it before this happened. She lived it.

The situation was just right; her horny state following her period, the dog excited by a bitch in heat next door, an erotic movie, two people
teasing each other in the movie, and in the car, then more at home, some drinks, and hot and heavy foreplay. Then the dog licks the
women and sets the fuse on fire. It burns down and explodes in a strange passionate fucking with two males, one human, one not.

She felt guilt, I told her that given the circumstances, I too would probably do the same thing. The circumstances were there, unique and
erotic. I hope I eased her feeling of guilt. She is a wonderful friend to me and I love her. Please no guilt, Cheri.

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